About This Blog

Welcome to Break Into Change.

This blog, in a nutshell, consists of myBelieve

a.) experiences in & observations of naturopathic medicine; being a patient of it, being a student of it and being a future physician of it

b.) journey into living an authentic life; seeking emotional, physical and mental well-being

c.) exploration into why we act the way we do and how to practice “the art of being exactly who we are”

d.) interests in global change and raising awareness about issues we have control over, particularly climate change,sustainable living & world wide equality

The theme of change is prominent throughout all of these posts, hence the name of this site. Sometimes a need for change is inflected, sometimes simply an option of change is presented. Either way, change is a part of life but can only be affected to its true potential if it is accepted. Change is often associated with the implication of pressure; pressure to change into something or someone you are not, pressure to make changes you are not comfortable with, the guilt that accompanies the inability to change when we perceive that we must. Break Into Change is not about incongruous self-change, but rather filled with ideas to enlighten us and allow us to consider if change, and which change, is right for us and how such changes could affect the world in which we live.

2 comments on “About This Blog

  1. It should be possible to Like this blog without having to first sign up for a WordPress account!

  2. Is this blog on Greek time?

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